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As one of the famous transmission control supplier in China, YOLON AUTOMATIC EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD., is a high-technology enterprise that integrates engineering research and development, manufacturing, domestic and international sales and marketing, as well as after sales service. We serve industries such as machinery manufacture, factory automation, aviation/aerospace, electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, medical, etc.
Hold the enterprise concept 'arouse our all efforts to make prosperous and pursue the prominence' , fully developed, pursue superexcellent, and try to do best in the aspects of new products development, product quality improvement, service quality perfecting, human source investment. To satisfy the demand of pneumatic fittings’ market quality and meet the international pneumatic fittings’ brand quality we adopt passel domestic high-class scientific research and technology staff and fetch in advanced overseas pneumatic component producing technology and main cipher fittings. In the cutthroat competition, the brand popularity, credit and market share of YOLON keeps in the leading position.

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